Skin is one of the largest organs in your body. Though we never treat our skin like an organ, our skin needs extra care. Why? This is because of the role the skin plays in our body.

The skin is the outer shell of the human body that protects us from various bacteria, viruses, infections, dirt, debris, and much more than the naked eye can ever see. 

So, an organ that is your protective shield against the world deserves to be treated like royalty. Right? The health and beauty clinic worldwide are not getting paid enough for their significance to us – haha! 

You see, as the seasons change around the year, you can’t follow the same skin-care routine in all four seasons. Every season brings in its effects on the skin. And these effects directly impact the skin. 

Like the summers make your skin produce more oil, thus making it extra oily, while winters dry out your skin. So, a moisturizer that worked for you in winter would be a disaster for you in the summer & can cause an active breakout due to excess oil.  

And running to a ‘day spa near me’ isn’t the best solution for this issue of your skin. 

Like how you swap your summer flip-flops with warm comfy winter boots in the colder season, you need to swap your skin routine too. In the same way, you need to transition your skin-care routine for every season. 

A good rule of thumb is to exfoliate, apply SPF all year round and have a good moisturizer based on your skin type.

What Exactly Impacts The Skin In Every Season

We have made some pointers to give you an overview of how the seasons impact your skin so you don’t waste time searching for a day spa in Toronto.

  • Sun exposure
  • Air exposure
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Water intake
  • Environmental stressor

There are a few instances of this. Take care of your skin according to your needs: are you experiencing oily skin or dryness on the surface, possibly allergies, and itching based on the time of year? If unsure, we recommend visiting a trained skin therapist/aesthetician or dermatologist. I think you should focus on how you use your skin care products and tailor your routine.

I think that the cooler and hotter seasons are in sync. However, I’ve divided the tips by season to keep this article interesting!

How To Transition Your Skin-Care Every Season

Keeping the above factors in mind, you get an idea of how important it is to swap your regular skin regime with the need of the hour. 

If we talk about the winter season, many people face dry skin all over the body and face. The dryness is so severe that their skin has visible cracks and even bleeds. While this happens to many people, some may say their skin is fine in the winter. All they need to do is apply lotion or moisturizer once a day, and that’s it. 

Of course, treatments like skincare treatments and Beauty Bar Toronto are beneficial. But that doesn’t mean you stop caring for the skin at home. You need to make sure that your skincare regime is on point. 
The spa packages in Toronto can even be a bit expensive for some. But if your skin-care routine is on point and gets updated every season, you can save a lot of money.

Skin-Care For Spring

Spring is a very colourful season. The plants are growing, the birds are chirping, and everything is just so beautiful. So, for the spring season, here’s what you can do for your skin:

  • Gently exfoliate the skin with a water-based cleanser regularly. If you apply makeup daily, use an oil-based makeup remover and then use the water-based cleanser to eliminate all the dirt and makeup.
  • In your skincare, add Vitamin C and other anti-oxidant-rich products. They will help your skin have an even complexion and reduce the expense of going in for laser treatments at any clinic.

Skin-Care For Fall

Fall is the time of the year when everything is turning orange. Therefore, for the pumpkin season, follow these steps:

  • Incorporate hydrating ingredients in your skincare.
  • Use active ingredients, serums and products to improve skin tone & texture.
  • Use occlusive ingredients in lotions, body butter etc., during fall to protect your skin.
  • If you go for skincare treatments, you will find great results during the fall season.

Skin-Care For Winter

Winter is the colder season of the four and can cause dryness. Have a look at these tips to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing in winter:

  • Avoid taking extremely hot showers. They tend to dry out the skin and can cause severe damage.
  • The use of occlusive ingredients like oils, balms, and butter to moisturize should be increased to hydrate the skin. You can use water-based products if you have acne-prone skin.
  • SPF should not be forgotten at any cost.

Skin-Care For Summer

The hottest season among the four is summer. It can make your skin icky and oily. Incorporate these skin-care tips for summer.

  • Don’t forget the SPF indoor or outdoor.
  • Avoid using heavy moisturizers.
  • Sunbathing can cause skin damage. So, do not go out sunbathing.
  • Avoid taking extreme or invasive skincare treatments, laser treatments, or feet care.