Do you feel like spending your day doing nothing? Do you want to lay, relax and get a superb massage that presses your pain points and takes your exhaustion away? Then spending a day at spa will help plenty. The day spa is the right place for ladies especially working women who work on weekdays and want some Me time on weekends. However, a question that bothers most women is what day spa packages to get when visiting one. 

However, we like to make things easy by mentioning some of the best day spa packages a woman should choose when visiting a spa. This blog post is a must-read if you also share the same struggle.  


Best day spa packages  

Here is the list of best day spa packages

Thermal Experience & Kalla

Before you visit a day spa in ontario or any other city in Canada, make sure the spa offers a thermal experience. The mild hot water, or Kalla, has been used for therapeutic purposes for ages, inspiring the day spas to offer customers a thermal experience to relax their bodies and minds externally. 

However, if you visit a day spa, book the package that includes a thermal experience.  


Classic Massage   

A classic massage or massage therapy is one of the best ways to relieve exhaustion, stress and anxiety. It helps people to relax their minds and body. The massager presses the body parts that absorb stress, like the shoulders, back, neck and lower back, making you feel light. 

Therefore if you plan to visit a luxury spa ontario, ensure the spa offers classic massage and other massage therapies. 


Infrared Sauna   

Infrared sauna differs from the traditional sauna, and it is only widely available at some spas or day spas. The infrared sauna is done in an area that emits infrared heat waves, probably a room. The body absorbs heat waves, which make the body’s appearance look good, enhance the mood and increase vitamin D levels.   

However, some spas claim that it cures diseases like cancer and Austin, but these are profoundly pseudoscientific claims. If you ever want an infrared sauna, search for a full spa service near me or a full spa service to get better results. 


Body Treatments

Getting a body treatment is one of the musts when visiting a modern spa. The body treatments will make you fall in love with your body again. The basic concept of beauty treatment is to shape your body beautifully. The body treatments include the whole facial of your body, cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating of the body. If you want to take care of your body, then a beauty treatment helps.    

Generally, ladies only get a little time to take care of their bodies, but you don’t need to worry; the day spa will cater to all body treatments to make your body look pretty again.

Therefore body treatment is a must to get, package when visiting a day spa.

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Registered Massage Therapy- RMT 

The RMT is different from a classic massage. The main purpose of RMT is to relieve the stress and discomfort of patients, and it is mainly associated with health conditions, i.e. chronic pain etc. The RMT manipulates the body’s soft tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons, which help in injury rehabilitation. 

However, the RMT is only offered by some spas. It demands certified massagers; not everyone can perform it.  

Therefore search on search engines like “certified RMT massage therapist toronto,” ‘certified RMT therapist Vancouver,” or any other city to check the certification of massagers. 

Visiting a day spa helps big times in relieving the body’s stress after a tiring day. Every woman should experience this luxury of being taken care of. However, if you also want to visit a day spa and need to know which spa to go to in Ontario, you need to visit the Revatilzed clinic and day spa instead of searching best ontario spa. Let’s explore what Revatilzied clinic has to offer its clients.     

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Revitalized Clinic

The Revitalized clinic is a modern-day spa. It offers massages, beauty treatments, hair removal, a sauna and all other things a day spa can offer. The clinic located in Boulevard west is wider than that region. However, it has branches in all the major cities of Canada.  

Apart from offering beauty treatments and hair removal, the exclusive service of this clinic is Registered massage therapy-RMT. Whether you search for “the best rmt massage Ohio,” “the best rmt massage etobicoke” or “the best rmt massage toronto” the name of Revitalized clinic will be on top. 

Nevertheless, Revitalized clinic offers the best services to its clients; therefore, feel free to visit this day spa and experience the soulful experience.



Most women want to visit the day spa but need clarification about which packages and services to choose. Plenty of options confuse them; therefore, to help them out, this blog post elaborates on the different packages so it becomes easy for women to choose the best packages according to their needs.