There is always an ongoing debate on choosing between cost-savvy and durable products. Most people want long-lasting products and are ready to spend the high cost. On the other hand, plenty of people also want to buy only cheap products saving them a few bucks. Similarly, there is a debate about getting laser hair removal or Waxing. The laser hair removal cost is greater than Waxing and lasts longer. In Comparison, Waxing is significantly less expensive, but its effects last only a few weeks.     

This blog breaks down the costs of laser hair removal and Waxing. We will compare and figure out which hair removal method is better and budget friendly in the true sense. 

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Hair Removal Of Small Areas

The small body areas are the upper lips, chin, neck etc., so removing hair from these parts is a must. The upper lip hair removal or facial hair removal would cost around $10 to $20 a session of the laser. However, there are multiple laser sessions to wipe hair off completely. In comparison, the Waxing of the face and upper lips would cost around $20 at most beauty clinics

Hair removal costs are the same for smaller body areas with both procedures, but endurance is different. The effect of Waxing lasts up to max 6 weeks. Contrary to this, the effect of laser hair removal lasts an eternity, specifically up to 6 years or more.  


Hair Removal Of Large Areas

The legs and belly are large areas of the body. Whether it be any hair removal method, removing hair from these areas of the body is expensive. Many laser clinics in toronto offer these services for around $600 per session. Whereas if someone opts for waxing in downtown toronto, it would cost around $100 for one leg. The hair removal of both legs in Waxing would typically cost only $200, 3 times less than a laser session. However, laser hair removal is a one-time investment, and Waxing is a recurring expense. 


Hair removal of Arms and Underarms

The arms and underarms are one of the most areas of the body regarding hair removal. Most women love to wear sleeveless. Therefore the cleansing and smooth look of arms and underarms is a priority for the majority. The toronto laser services and clinics can cost around $150 and $300 for underarms and arms, respectively, per session. Generally, 6 to 8 laser hair removal sessions are recommended to eliminate arms and underarms hair. In comparison, underarms waxing costs $15 and $40 for arms. 


Bikini Line Hair Removal

A perfect V shape outlining the Bikini line is a dream for women, and women try hard to achieve it. Therefore, women are ready to spend wholeheartedly on bikini line hair removal. Some women opt for laser hair removal of the bikini line. Still, most prefer waxing over laser treatment. 

The Waxing or the brazilian sugar wax for the bikini line usually costs around $50. In comparison, laser hair removal for the bikini line would cost between $250 and $350. 

General Comparison

Laser hair removal costs significantly more than other types of hair removal, specifically waxing. However, the interesting fact is that laser hair removal is the most budget-friendly hair removal method of all. 

The laser hair removal method is a one-time investment. Once you get laser treatment, your hair won’t grow for years. At the same time, if you opt for shaving or waxing, your hair will regrow within a few weeks. Conclusively the amount you would spend on laser treatment at one time be much, much lesser. And the amount you would have to spend on other methods except laser treatment over the years.

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Therefore, spending a lot at one time is better than spending comparatively less but more frequently. Similarly, laser hair removal cost in toronto or any other city might be high, but it’s budget-friendly in the long run. 

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Revitalize Clinic and Day Spa

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Ending Notes

The demand for Laser hair removal is increasing with time. However, many still think this method is too expensive, but in reality, it is the most budget-friendly. This blog helps women to understand the benefits of laser hair removal. If you had any doubts about whether to opt for a laser, it would have been clear by now.