As a man, you must be irritated by hair growing on the body, i,e. the chest, arms, legs and stomach. You look like an ape or a bear if you don’t shave those grown body hair. Also, you can’t show off your body in public. Similarly, most men are struggling with the same problem. They can’t decide how to remove that hair either by a hair removal machine or a hair removal cream.

However, to help such men, they can remove and eliminate that unwanted body hair. This blog addresses how to make clear choices over hair removal methods.


Hair Removal Methods

Before jumping to a conclusion, let’s explore which hair removal methods are available to men.


Although most men don’t agree with this as they believe hair waxing for men is a vague concept. It suits women only. However, everyone can use this hair removal method to eliminate androgenic hair. But waxing is a relatively painful method to remove hair, whether for men or women.

Therefore, men and women must prefer something other than this method. Besides being painful, it only lasts for a short time, is time-consuming and is costly. Moreover, you would always need to visit a beauty clinic to remove hair through waxing. Because it can be extremely painful when removing hair on your own at home.


Shaving is another method of body hair removal for men. Even women can remove hair by this method, but men mostly apply this method. Shaving is a risky method because it can cause cuts and injuries. However it’s okay to remove facial hair with this method but removing body hair can be troublesome. Shaving causes itching and rashes, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Moreover, you can’t easily shave hair off each body part, i.e., back hair, legs hair, armpit hair etc.

Hair Removal Machine

Hair removal with the machine is one of the most convenient ways to remove hair. The machine helps to remove hair automatically as the machine is powered by batteries or electricity. The machine’s fast and efficient blades help remove hair without any cuts or injuries. Undoubtedly this machine is the best face hair removal machine available. However, it lacks performance when eliminating hair from other body parts.

The hair on the arms, legs, or chest is thick and covers a large area. This machine removes hair from a small body area, like the face.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal with cream is one of the most painless methods of removing body hair. However, don’t apply this cream to the face; it is a good option for removing hair from other body parts. Anyway, this is not a permanent hair removal in the first place. Also, it is less effective than other methods, as hair follicles remain intact during this process.


General Comparison

When discussing men’s hair removal, we have four methods to eliminate body hair. 1. Shaving 2. Waxing 3. Hair removal cream 4. Hair removal machine.

All 4 of the methods have their benefits and level of effectiveness. Although, waxing and shaving are the methods we don’t endorse to anyone because of their pain and risks. The rest of the two methods are worth comparing.

The methods of hair removal machines and hair removal creams are good for removing thin and short hair. But when removing thick and long hair, both methods must have longer times.

Also, their effects last only a few weeks, two or three. Therefore, no hair removal cream for men or machine can free you from that unwanted androgenic hair.

Won’t it be better if we tell you about a painless, effective, long-lasting method and, on top of that, budget-friendly as well? Let’s move on to that one.


Laser Hair Removal

Certainly, you would have heard about this method before. Have you ever thought of getting this therapy for hair removal? If you haven’t, you need to rethink it because this method has more benefits than the rest.

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Is Laser Hair Removal only for women?

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly a permanent solution to androgenic hair. However, it’s been a woman’s centric thing, but men can also get this treatment. You can get a full body laser hair removal or for the parts you wish to eliminate hair.


Sessions Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal consists of different sessions, unlike other methods that remove hair in one go. As laser technology directly damages the hair follicles that prevent hair regrowth. So the process takes time. A certified laser clinic would recommend four to six sessions to ensure successful results.

All the laser sessions wouldn’t last longer than 15 minutes, causing you the least pain or irritation. No matter how thick hair you have, the laser’s heat will destroy them. Even if you have sensitive skin still, laser therapy won’t hurt you.


How long the effect of Laser Hair removal Lasts?

Moreover, the cost of this method is comparably greater than the rest of the methods. But in the long run, it saves significantly more in the long run than the other methods. The effectiveness of laser hair removal would last for years, 5 to 6, saving you way more.


Where to get Laser Hair Removal?

However, if you’re looking for options for laser hair removal, it’s better to go for Revitalize Clinic and Day Spa.

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Revitalize Clinic and Day Spa

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Getting a long-lasting and permanent solution rather than removing hair every week or two. This saves us time and money and saves us from the struggle of removing hair again and again.